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Concordia Experience

concordiaMore than a degree or a diploma, the Concordia Experience is a portfolio of opportunities that will launch your life after college. You’ll gain experience in putting into practice what you learn in the classroom. You’ll match your personal and professional interests with a program of study, and you’ll form lifelong relationships from the day-to-day interactions you have with faculty, staff, and fellow students.

The Five Elements of the Concordia Experience

The Concordia Distinctive - Our highly regarded core curriculum of integrated liberal arts courses is designed so that you can explore different perspectives and strengthen skills that will prepare you for any career and for lifelong learning.
Nine Programs of Study - Building on the Concordia Distinctive, you select one of nine dynamic programs of study (Biology, Business, Education, English, Health Studies, Liberal Studies, Nursing, Social Sciences, and Social Work), each of which opens up multiple career paths. You’ll work with advisors and mentors to design an “Individualized Graduation Plan,” including choices you make to develop emphasis or specialization around your particular interest.
Elective and Support Courses - As you take ownership of your Individualized Graduation Plan, you will have opportunities to dig deeper into specific areas and explore new interests through a wide range of elective and support courses.
Experiential Learning - The underlying principal of The Concordia Experience is that what is learned outside the classroom is equally as important as what happens inside the classroom. Every student engages in experiential learning as a graduation requirement-and that can include internships, fieldwork, study abroad, independent research, study trips, city-as-text, and service learning-with many of these taking advantage of what we consider to be our biggest classroom-New York City.
Capstone - Each program of study includes a capstone experience. This experience involves research, writing, presentation, and/or performance. Your capstone provides you with the opportunity to bring together what you have learned throughout your Concordia Experience.
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