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1. How many students attend Concordia College-New York?
Concordia College enrollment is a little over 750 students.
2. Where is Bronxville?
Bronxville is located 32 kilometers (25 minutes) from New York City and 315 kilometers (3 hours, 15 minutes) from Boston, Massachusetts. Bronxville is a 25 minute train ride from Grand Central Station in Manhattan and is a short drive from LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy Airport--two of the major hubs of transportation for the East Coast.
3. Is the College campus safe?
Yes. Concordia College is located in a very wealthy and safe neighborhood. The College campus has around-the-clock security. As with any American city, students should exercise common sense and make wise decisions about walking alone, off-campus at night.
4. Do you have many other international students at Concordia College-New York
More than 12% of the student body is comprised of students from overseas. An example of the campus diversity is evidenced in the fact that our students are from 36 different countries.
5. How long does to it to learn if you have been admitted?
If your application arrives in the Office of Admission complete with all supporting documents, a decision will be made within two weeks. Delays only happen if documents are incomplete and/or missing.
6. How many students are in a class?
The average class size is 15-20 students.
7. What is the student/faculty ratio?
13 students to each professor.
9. What is there to do on campus?
Concordia College offers more than 30 clubs and organizations, fraternities and sororities, as well as social, religious, cultural, and athletic organizations. Student organizations and administrative programs offer a wide variety of entertainment, including movies, concerts, comedians, dramatic performances, parties, dances, and lectures. There are many athletic opportunities as well, from NCAA Division II intercollegiate competition to intramurals.
10. What sort of computer facilities does the campus offer?
The Donald A.Krenz academic centre is the technology hub. Computer workstations in the Information Commons and computer classrooms equipped with PCs and Macs. As we become an increasingly wireless campus, wireless hot spots will be expanded beyond the current academic buildings, library, dining hall, and students center
11. What kind of computer should my son or daughter brings to campus?
We recommend bringing a laptop computer with wireless capabilities to campus. Many students prefer laptops because it allows them to work in a more comfortable setting or in groups. Also, all academic buildings have wifi, allowing them to connect to the Internet in class.
12. Will my son or daughter be able to get to the Internet from their resident hall room?
Yes, all resident hall rooms are equipped with a network connection. The IT staff will distribute "How-to-Connect" information during orientation sessions. Students can purchase a network cable from the bookstore if they did not bring a network cable with them. Many students purchase a 25-foot or a 50-foot Cat5 network cable from their local computer outlet store prior to coming to campus.
13. What about printing - how is that done?
We recommend each student bringing a computer to campus also bring an inkjet or personal laser printer, with a supply of paper, ink, and/or toner cartridges. Students who log onto the computers in the library can print to the library laser printer for small quantities. Public access printers, like those in the library, may carry a charge for larger printing tasks.
14. Does the College have a discount computer purchase program for students?
Yes, If you prefer PCs the College has a program worked out with Dell. Visit and enter our MemberID of US29335451 or call 1-877-377-0238 to speak to Dell representative. If you prefer Macs, visit to take advantage of discount pricing from Apple. If possible, purchase the extended warranty - it will pay for itself over the next four years.
15. What software should we bring?
We recommend Microsoft Office which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint. This can be purchased through Dell or at most computer outlet stores. Be sure to ask for the "Academic Version" which costs less than half the regular price. You also need a licensed version of anti-virus software, such as Norton or McAfee, and you need to keep the virus definitions current through the online subscription service provided by your vendor of choice. While not essential, we recommend an anti-spyware program like Webroot's SpySweeper.
16. Does the College allow students to download music?
Yes, but we expect our students to follow the laws of the land, honor copyright laws, and refrain from using pirated software. The College does not condone nor support activity that violates the law. In addition, the College's firewall may prevent some types of peer-2-peer file sharing that compromises network security.
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