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Chem 171 Elements of Inorganic, Organic and Biochemistry
Chem 201 Organic Chemistry I
Chem 202 Organic Chemistry II
MAT 210 Calculus I
Phys 211 Theory of Physics I
Phys 212 Theory of Physics II
Bio 271 Anatomy and Physiology I
Bio 272 Anatomy and Physiology II
Bio 302 Cell Biology
Bio 373 Microbiology
Bio 381 Biochemistry
Bio 405 Genetics

Psychology and Bioethics shall be offered depending on the time schedule of the student.

The Universities in which our students could gain entry into the Medical Courses are:
  1. State University of New York Downstate Medical
  2. New York Medical College,
  3. Indiana University
  4. Ross University
  5. New York School of Podiatry.
Health Studies

The Health Studies program is designed for students who are interested in exploring health-related fields. The program's interdisciplinary approach provides a strong base of learning across a group of disciplines (biology, psychology, social work and sociology) that are directly related to health care services. The curriculum prepares students for a wide range of health care positions in hospitals, health departments, health agencies, research facilities, schools, and the health care industry.

Course Number Course Title Semester Hours
NUR 331 Prevention, Health Promotion and Risk Reduction 2
PHI 211 Bioethics 3
PSY 281 Developmental Psychology I 3
PSY 291 Developmental Psychology II 3
PSY 311 Philosophy of Social Sciences 3
PSY 382 Social Psychology 3
SWK 241 Violence in the Family 3
SWK 281 Working with Special Populations 3
SWK 336 Organizational Behavior 3
SWK 395 Children, Courts, and Care 3
SOC 255 Social Problems 3
SOC 455 Social Theory 3
HEA 234 Health Care Management 3
HEA 361 Field Work in Health Studies 6
HEA 441 Senior Capstone in Health Studies 3
Experiential Learning 6
Total Credits 123
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